About food:
I love food.  I love good food.  I live for eating.  I look forward to cooking.  I adore veggies and I like trying new recipes.  It feels right to grow my own food.

My cooking is based on what’s around me – what I grow myself and what others close by grow and make.  This is supplemented with yummy healthy things from the store.  I like good salt, olive oil, nuts and herbs.  I like good coffee, red wine and dark dark chocolate.

I love to talk about food, so let’s talk about it.

parsnips in sun

About April Parsnip:
Parsnips are the first thing we harvest in the spring, once the snow melts and the earth thaws enough to put a garden fork through it.  We plant their seed the summer previous, let them grow into fall, and leave them to chill in the winter ground where they become sweet for us.  In spring, when we are starved for something fresh and homegrown, we pull them up with pleasure.

April is the month I come back from my winter trips.  Home is melting snow and wood fires, robins, Canada geese and the excitement of getting back to my garden and down to some serious cooking.

April Parsnip signifies beginnings, like the beginning of the growing season here in New Brunswick, Canada or a beginning like a seed (of an idea).  It also signifies the deferred reward that comes from working and living with faith, trusting that what you need will come to you.  Finally, April Parsnip is about hope – when you can see potential and imagine wonderful possibilities.

IMG_6477 (1)_tonemapped

About us:
This blog is written by me, Nina Khosla.  My partner Tim Isaac takes most of the photos.  To find out more about me visit my website.


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