A Late-Summer Trip

We took a road trip.  I was longing for one.  We drove away in the car, far, to find a secluded campsite to awe us.  We found a giant iridescent rock jutting into the ocean, built of earth-coloured slats lined up like a precarious bookshelf.

The sun setting, the car unpacked, our tent tucked away in trees.

After dark, we ate homemade buckwheat bread and sweet garden peas dipped in silky smoked salmon spread.  I sat close to the fire.  The coals began to glow.

We grilled fresh zucchini until it became tender, charred, spurting juices in our mouthes.  We brought a pork chop and a rib-eye steak pre-salted and peppered. The heat of the flames made them crispy rich juicy, fat melting on our tongues.  We had cold roasted beets from home and cooked whole beans with almonds.  I drank wine from a jar and Tim drank beer.

In the morning, we made coffee with the stovetop espresso maker.  We drank it, basking on our big rock in the sun.

And packed up reluctantly.  Not wanting to leave that magical spot where life existed simple, quiet, easy.  A place to hide from the piles of confusion we’ve made.

But the day was glorious – hot and brilliant – inviting me in, wherever it would go.

I was bed-headed, sticky and campfire soot smelly as we stopped in quaint, small-streets Lunenburg.  Dots and Loops caught my eye as we drove by.  The coolest crafty-chick store.  I spent an hour drinking in all the beautiful girly creations.  Next, we sampled Ironworks liqueurs,  bringing home the rhubarb – cold, pink, startling, alcoholic.

We spread a picnic on the car trunk.  I sliced more zucchini to dip in the leftover smoked salmon spread.  The steak was still as juicy.  The cold beets a gelatinous ruby purple, slippery between fingers.

In Halifax we went to Obladee, a wine bar.  We had the Dutchmen’s old growler cheddar and rabbit terrine with Nativa wine and a beer.

For dinner, we went to Two Doors Down.  I had yummy kimchi caesars and we shared a burger (done rare!) and an extraordinary kale caesar salad, which I’m going to make soon.

The next morning was cappuccino and croissant at If Two By Sea.

Then shopping and brunch at The Coastal.  Another burger (this one with pork belly) and poached eggs with mushrooms.  

And the long drive home, caught between worlds.
I have an early-fall suggestion.  Grill some zucchini – in a pan or on the flame.  Slice it up, salt and pepper it, get some good char on it.  Flip it, then do the same again.  And enjoy the abundance, the tasty last bits of summer.

P.S.  To make smoked salmon spread, I combined a good hunk of smoked salmon with an equal amount soft goat cheese, a couple dollops of Greek yogurt and some salt in the food processor.  Fresh dill is optional.